Executive coaching - Take the NEXT step

Our Executive Coaching services are for high-performing leaders and management teams that are ready to take their performance to the next level. Our proven methodology facilitates quick and sustainable results.

We provide the professional expertise, objectivity and accountability it takes to identify needs and implement solutions that maximize potential and achieve desired results.

We believe in: 

  • Engaging in honest conversation that gets to the heart of the issue;
  • Creating opportunities to explore alternatives and assess their effectiveness;
  • Fostering the ability to take steps that initiate and sustain transformation;
  • Creating accountability; and
  • Building internal ownership to sustain transformation.

Our suite of Executive Coaching services includes:

One-on-one Coaching

  • Facilitates the development of more productive behaviors or the elimination of ineffective ones;
  • Assesses progress and lays the groundwork for future self-directed development by using a defined, repeatable process; and
  • Teaches tools and techniques for developing leadership skills in staff members.


  • Sets the stage for the successful integration of new executives by addressing assumptions, expectations and culture;
  • Establishes Learning and Communication Plan in partnership with the manager and HR; and
  • Creates accountability with specific measures for success.

Group Coaching

    Creates confidential environment for executives to learn from peers, refining leadership and leader-as-coach skills; and Leverages new knowledge through role play and accountability to the group.

Team Coaching

    • Bridges the development divide between individuals and the organization; and
    • Leverages team members' personal leadership development goals to achieve personal and corporate performance goals.


We employ a proven three-step process that quickly produces results. Our customizable and flexible process has proven to be effective for achieving and sustaining long-term success.

Serving as an independent and objective guide, we:

  1. Assess behavioral impact and drivers, and prioritize outcomes through honest dialogue;
  2. Practice alternative behaviors that achieve stated goals; and
  3. Sustain systemic performance improvements with customized training and tools.

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