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Our Leadership Consulting services help organizations and leaders successfully transition through periods of change and growth.gears

Onboarding, Role Alignment and Succession Planning processes equip senior managers to effectively lead and manage change. Our proven processes and training help leadership anticipate and plan strategies that increase understanding, receptivity and engagement throughout the organization.

We provide independent and objective consultation for:

  • Communicating the vision;
  • Engaging everyone on the team;
  • Identifying individual and organizational strengths and challenges; and
  • Building and implementing processes that sustain results.

Our comprehensive Leadership Consulting services include:

Transition Acceleration – Onboarding

Onboarding maximizes the investment in new hires and recently promoted employees. Studies show that on average more than 40% of executives fail within the first 18 months (Fortune 2.17.2012). The success rate for new hires directly correlates with the speed and effectiveness of their cultural integration.

The Transition Acceleration process:

  • Accelerates the cultural integration of new and recently promoted leaders;
  • Fosters collaboration and communication; and
  • Ensures that hiring and promotion decisions positively impact short- and long-term individual and organizational performance.

Role Alignment

Organization changes often dictate changes in employees' roles, responsibilities and required skill sets. Role Alignment impacts how quickly and effectively changes are embraced and executed.

Aligning critical roles prior to changes in leadership or the implementation of new processes is the surest way to improve your strategic plan's return on investment.

The Role Alignment Process:

  • Creates roles and job descriptions that align with strategy and goals;
  • Defines specific, measurable and attainable outcomes;
  • Establishes key performance indicators; and
  • Aligns and streamlines jobs within the organization.

Succession Preparation

Changes in senior leadership impact employee engagement, retention and profitability. Succession Preparation lays the groundwork for positive transitions and outcomes for everyone throughout the organization.

Our Succession Preparation consulting services:

  • Facilitate successful transition of outgoing and incoming executives;Signup for free leadership tips and news
  • Establish expectations, transitional responsibilities and time frames;
  • Prepare leaders and teams for changes in roles and responsibilities; and
  • Help maintain productivity during a period of change.


We believe that the most successful cultural transformations are those in which the client takes ownership of the process and results. We serve as an independent and objective consultant, guide and accountability partner.

Our five-step model for organizational and cultural transformation is foundational for effecting sustainable change. The five cyclical stages are:

  1. Agreement - Defining the guiding principles and desired outcomes
  2. Design - Determining the process and roles
  3. Pilot - Testing outcomes
  4. Refine - Revising processes and roles based on testing
  5. Rollout - Sustaining outcomes

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