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The Control Paradox

Posted on 3/25/2011 by Barbara Blake in leadership

Put an end to micromanaging. Help your team become more effective by learning to let go.

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Disaster Ahead

Posted on 10/6/2010 by Barbara Blake in leadership onboarding

New hires that miss cultural signals and exhibit poor listening skills often fail quickly in their new roles. Increase your chances of success by taking time to learn about the culture - and listen.

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7 Truths About Working Life

Posted on 6/10/2010 by Barbara Blake in leadership onboarding self coaching

This advice for new graduates entering the workforce is a good refresher on how to be an effective employee and leader.

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Do More - Tips for Delegating

Posted on 1/5/2010 by Barbara Blake

Delegate more. Do more with less. These bromides sound simple enough but as many of you know, are more difficult to implement. There are a number of reasons for this truth but I will focus on one that I see frequently – executives do not have a framework to determine what to delegate. Executives often have the tendency to think that it is easier (and less time consuming) to do a task themselves than to explain it and have the work be lacking or incorrect. (This is particularly true if the task was part of their responsibilities before their current position.) Their need to be right, in control or indispensable interferes with their effectiveness as a manager and a leader.

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Avoid the New Job Blues

Posted on 8/31/2009 by Barbara Blake in leadership onboarding

Moving into a new role is challenging. Follow these 5 rules to take on the challenges and be a success.

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When The Going Gets Tough, Don't Make It Tougher

Posted on 2/2/2009 by Barbara Blake in leadership

Working hard is one thing, but working smart is even better. Manage for results - you'll be working smarter and your team will too.

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A Leader's Journey Begins As A Follower

Posted on 12/25/2008 by Barbara Blake in leadership

Learning to be a leader begins with being a good follower. Are you a good follower?

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