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One. Simple. Thing

Posted on 12/19/2016 by Barbara Blake in leadership executive coaching leadership coaching

Keeping things simple takes a imagination and effort. As you make your resolutions for 2017, keep them simple. Simple keeps you focused and helps you achieve amazing results.

One. Simple. Thing. Can you do it? We love to make anything we do or think about more complex. We add complexity to almost everything; it is almost second nature. How else do we show how smart, innovative, creative and amazing we are to others (and ourselves)?  Creating complexity is surprisingly easy and safe. Complexity hides truths about ourselves as leaders. As Steve Job’s said,

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

One. Simple. Thing. As you develop your game plan for next year, those resolutions to be a better (fill in the blank), go for simplicity. What is the one thing you can do or could stop doing, that will make the biggest difference in your life? Take your time shifting through your own thoughts and emotions, feed forward from others and your view of the “more perfect” you.  What’s the common theme?  Can you find the three or four words that capture what the one thing is?  Sometimes it can be simplified into one word. 

For example, you decide the theme for you is the word “Present”. To be present, you must slow down, take in everything going on in the moment and delay your agenda. To put Present into action, you could acknowledge someone and say good morning before you begin your barrage of questions or statement about your needs from that person. Or you could take time to sound another’s perspective before you lay out your perspective. Present might imply you letting go of personal agendas to achieve real progress for all. It could mean turning off electronic distractions to focus in on colleagues, family and friends.

A second example, Curious. Becoming curious can encompass a whole host of opportunities. Asking questions, listening and then following up with a question that takes the topic deeper. It could be branching out beyond the narrow technical world you live in daily to the arts, books, or  new experiences. Give yourself the richness of the world to provide inspiration for reframing and solving sticky problems or touch decisions. 

One. Simple Thing.  Done every day, at every opportunity will make a world of difference for you – and those around you.  What a great gift to give yourself.

We know great leaders by how they lead themselves.  Lead today and every day.