Executive Coaching Success Stories

The Power of Empowering Others 

"Jerry," a high-performing senior executive, was ready to move up in the organization, but opportunities were not forthcoming. He realized that one man was standing in his way, and it was himself. He engaged Longview Associates for coaching.

During one-on-one sessions with Barbara Blake, Jerry recognized that his management style was the main impediment to his advancement. His direct, authoritative approach produced short-term results, but did not foster the long-term growth, engagement and performance of his team.

Jerry learned and tested some new skills and techniques that produced results quickly. The changes were noticeable: He started coaching his staff in ways that fostered responsibility and accountability; he engaged his team in decision making and problem solving; and, he asked more questions, listened and empowered his team.

The team began taking more initiative and assuming greater responsibility and accountability. Jerry was able to focus more on improving the performance of the organization. As a result, he was singled out for a select leadership program that moved him closer to accomplishing his goal.

(Name changed as per Client Confidentiality Agreement.)

Enhanced Communication Skills Increase Profitability

After years of successfully developing new business for large organizations, "David" became an independent Financial Advisor. Although he easily created a large client base, David soon realized that his future success greatly depended upon improving his relational skills. He contacted Longview Associates for help. 

During one-on-one coaching sessions with Barbara Blake, David discovered that in his genuine desire to be efficient and quickly indentify solutions, he was not allowing clients the opportunity to fully uncover their needs.

A simple, creative tool transformed David’s client relationships and increased his sales. He began keeping small sponge in his pocket, which served as a reminder to “sponge up” his words during meetings. Instead of attempting to fill the silences with his ideas, David began allowing his clients the opportunity to think and delve deeper into their situations and needs. "The tool was so effective," David said, “that not only did I help my clients discover for themselves what their needs were, they basically ended up selling themselves, and my profitability increased by 100 percent.”

(Name changed as per Client Confidentiality Agreement.)

Improved Delegation Skills Increase Accountability and Business

When leaders see only one way to get a job done right, they may take on tasks and responsibilities that should be delegated. This approach not only diverts time and focus away from leading the business, it doesn't allow team members to learn accountability and responsibility.

“Jack,” a successful business owner and operator, noticed that his productivity was seriously declining and sales were stagnant. Coincidentally, employees were becoming increasingly unproductive, unmotivated and unhappy. He sought help from Longview Associates.  

During one-on-one coaching sessions with Barbara Blake, Jack recognized that his "my way or the highway" leadership style negatively impacted everyone - including himself. Jack's orientation to detail and tendency to over-communicate direction actually confused his employees, setting them up for failure.

With some simple tools and techniques, Jack learned how to clearly and concisely delegate. His staff was ready, willing and able to take on more responsibilities and accept accountability for the results. Jack invested the time he had reclaimed to focus on developing sales leads, and his business is building.

(Name changed as per Client Confidentiality Agreement.)